From the Publishers of 2e: Twice-Exceptional Newsletter

WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU'RE A POSTER CHILD for "female AD/HD" and you realize that all of that fame will be with you forever as Internet baggage. A young woman, now working at the National Institutes of Health, recounts her prominence and how she feels about it going forward. Read more.

FATTY ACIDS AND AD/HD. Do they help? David Rabiner reviews a study on the question (the study's answer was "no") but offers suggestions on when fatty acids might be useful for the treatment of AD/HD. Find the study.

AD/HD AND STIMULANT MEDS. If you've ever wondered how stimulant medications help children with AD/HD by affecting the brain, check out an article at on the topic. Find it.

READING, WRITING, AND...  RHYTHM. A study has shown that children with dyslexia may have difficulty perceiving patterns of rhythm in music, and that musical games may be a way to intervene early and forestall or ameliorate later reading problems. Read more.


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