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ON AD/HD "BACKLASH." A Scientific American blogger responded to recent "backlash" against AD/HD -- questions about its reality, the drugs to treat it, and even those who have it. The blogger notes studies showing that the disorder is not over-diagnosed and studies showing that medication does help. Read the blog
RITALIN AND ERROR MONITORING. A study from Australia showed that even one dose of Ritalin can help the brain monitor its own performance, recognizing performance errors that include "failures of impulse control." Being aware of one's mistakes is an important component of the ability to correct behavior, point out the researchers. Read more
DER SPIEGEL, a German news magazine, profiled a Danish company founded to help place people with Asperger's in appropriate jobs. The company, Specialisterne ("the specialists"), places people mainly with information technology companies. It was founded by a man whose son has Asperger's. Among the employees is a particle physicist who used to work at CERN. Read more.
LD IN COLLEGE. Notre Dame College in South Euclid, Ohio, is one of 60 colleges and universities in the country offering a fee-based program to help students with LDs succeed, according to an article in the Cleveland Plain Dealer. The article profiles two students in the program and quotes the college president as saying, "These students are bright, they just need to find a learning style. They persist and graduate at a higher rate than other students." Find the article.
IN NEW YORK? On March 13, the Child Mind Institute will present a free workshop titled "AD/HD Brains: What's Under the Hood?" Register here.
IN CALIFORNIA? Summit View School offers a college fair for students with learning differences on March 17 from 10am to 1pm. Get more information from 
2e CONFERENCE IN HONG KONG. July 28 to August 1 are the dates for the "First Conference on Twice Exceptional Children," with the theme of "meeting the needs of gifted children with learning disabilities." Find more information here or here.
NEW AD/HD SCHOLARSHIP. The Attention Deficit Disorder Association is offering a new scholarship beginning in 2012, the Moulton-Farnsworth Scholarship. Find out more.
TRACKING EYES IN ASD KIDS. A study using eye-tracking measured differences in the ways ASD children attended to social situations as opposed to typically-developing peers, and also examined differences within the ASD group in the says kids steered their gazes when viewing scenes of social situations. Of the latter research, one researcher said, "These results help us tease apart some of the vast heterogeneity of the autism spectrum. For some children, atypical looking patterns may be serving as a compensatory strategy; but for others, these patterns are clearly associated with maladaptive behaviors." Read more.


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