From the Publishers of 2e Newsletter

In the absence of any real, substantive news today on giftedness, LDs, parenting, education, or child development, we offer lighter fare. Hopefully, more substance tomorrow.
FROM OUR PAST, a kid with a need to know.
DS2.5, responding to a request from his mother: Why?
MOTHER: Just in case.
DS: Don't give me that "just in case" stuff.
AUDITORY PROCESSING ANOMALY. Paul Simon once wrote, "A man hears what he wants to hear/And disregards the rest." Go to the homepage of the comic "Baby Blues" and check out the April 4th offering for their version of Simon's line. 
AND FINALLY, THIS. A company called Story People has a knack for generating brief, often poignant, little passages that can hit home, accompanied by a graphic interpretation. Some deal with parenting, like today's.


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