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LANG SCHOOL UPDATE. The Lang School for twice-exceptional children in New York City has issued its first newsletter chronicling recent happenings. If you're a fan of the school or just curious about what goes on in a school for 2e kids, check it out.
BRIDGE FOR KIDS. Seems that the card game of bridge is enjoying a resurgence among younger players. According to The New York Times, "Chess is still the game of choice among educators, but bridge is catching on at a growing number of schools, community leagues and recreational centers across the nation, many of which see the card game as offering similar mental benefits to those of chess, but with a social component." In New York City, a school for GT kids teaches bridge to third graders. Some the resurgence evidently stems from efforts by bridge players Bill Gates and Warren Buffett to promote the game. Read more.
COMMON CORE STANDARDS. Education wonks might be interested in still another item from New York City, this one on a school that's experimenting with common core curriculum standards, which go into effect in at least 42 states in 2014. To see what teachers and students might be doing in the new curriculum, read the article.
BRAIN RESEARCH. If you think you might have a serious interest in reading articles with titles such as "Functional Connectivity of the Amygdala in Young Women with Borderline Personality Disorder," you'll be pleased to know that  a new publication debuts in May. The journal is called Brain Connectivity,  and you can preview articles from the premier issue at the publisher's website. You may subscribe to journal's online version for US$420, or get a print version thrown in for another $55 per year. Institutions: be prepared to cough up $1695. (ls 2e: Twice-Exceptional Newsletter undercharging??)
AND FINALLY, THIS. An upcoming game mod for "Half-Life 2" is titled "School Shooter: North American Tour 2012." It's a first-person shooter game modeled on the Columbine shootings, with the player in the role of the shooters in that tragedy. An article in Education Week just alerted us to it, but evidently the upcoming release has been generating controversy for several weeks. Find out more by Googling the game.


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